Characteristics Of Silicone Rubber Heat Shrinkable Sleeve

                                   Silicone rubber heat shrinkable tube

 is a kind of high performance oil resistant soft rubber heat shrinkable tube made of irradiation crosslinked special polymer, which has excellent oil resistance (aviation oil, fuel oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, etc.). It is very suitable for oil resistant, liquid resistant or solvent resistant occasions, and for insulation protection or coating of high-performance cable harness.

Characteristics of silicone rubber heat shrinkable sleeve

1. Shrinkage ratio 2:1

2. Excellent oil and heat resistance

3. Reliably protect the covered objects from wear or mechanical damage

4. Low tenderness, good softness and flame retardancy

5. It does not contain chlorinated compounds such as PCBs, PCPs, PBBs, pbbos, PBBEs, PBDEs and other substances harmful to the environment. It meets the environmental requirements of European ROHS environmental protection directive and sonyss00259 standard.

Temperature range of silicone rubber heat shrinkable sleeve

1. Continuous use temperature: - 75 ℃ ~ 150 ℃

2. Minimum complete shrinkage temperature: 175 ℃

specification of silicone rubber heat shrink tubing

Bakai can produce the ID from 1mm to 200mm

with wall thickness 0.4mm to 2mm

Package of silicone heat shrink tubing

1-30mm               packaged by roll, 25m -100m

30-200mm           1m per pieces