Radiation Silicone Tube - Colorless, Abrasion Resistance, Tensile Good!

Radiation silicone tubing products are generally not toxic, but if radiation silicone tube manufacturers to add some cheap inexpensive low-quality chemicals, then certainly there will be some toxicity, and radiation silicone tube color is not colorless, color has some impurities, so long as the radiation is colorless products are non-toxic silicone tube.

Radiation silicone tube has good wear resistance, high elasticity, tensile strength and elongation. Easy to aging in the air, radiation silicone tube when heated, becomes sticky, easy expansion and dissolved in mineral oil or gasoline , but the impatience of acid and alkali; radiation silicone tube advantages: good elasticity silicone tube radiation, acid and alkali. Radiation silicone tube Disadvantages: silicone tube no radiation weather, no oil (vegetable oil resistant) is the production of belts, hoses, rubber raw materials, and for the production of shock absorber parts, automotive brake fluid, ethanol and the like with hydroxyl ions liquid products used.