PP Translucent Tube - Environmental Health, Colorless And Tasteless!

(1) uniform color, low coefficient of friction, outer wall smooth, water discharge speed.

(2) light weight, easy to connect, in walls, underground concealed, no leakage.

(3) environmental health, colorless and tasteless, is the new green building materials.

(4) high temperature performance, again within 95 degrees of each type of transport to send non-oxidizing acid, industrial wastewater, sewage and chemical gas, can also be used safely in the cold northeast region.

(5) excellent impact resistance, PP high crystallinity, stress cracking small probability, excellent surface rigidity, resistance to scratches.

(6) acid corrosion resistance is superior, the polypropylene material itself has a strong anti-corrosion, do not need to be coated on the inner wall to prevent secondary root reactive fluid coating to reduce the difficulty of the operation, to reduce the project cost.