Corrosion Resistant Medical Usage Seamless Polyimide Tubing for medical useage

Product Description

Product Features : Polyimide tube is made of polyimide material using special molding. Polyimide exhibits outstanding mechanical, electrical and thermal characteristics. Compared to other polymers, polyimide can be made into insulation tubes with extremely short diameter and thin wall thickness. The minimum inside diameter of 0.1mm is available and the thinnest wall thickness of 0.015mm is producible. This product ensures superior thermal resistance, high voltage resistance, chemical corrosion resistance along with other capabilities such as out gassing, anti-nuclear radiation, and optimal flexibility for easier installation.

Application : Polyimide Tube can be used in insulation of wiring or circuitry which in need of thermal resistance, voltage resistance, and in products in need of protection from corrosion, radiation. eg: a number of micro drives, heaters, small motors, circuit board testers, etc