Medical Grade Silicone Hose Presentation

First, the application of silicone tube:

Silicone tube having a high level of hygiene characteristics, and thus used in pharmaceuticals, food delivery; such as liquid medicine, juice, milk, wine, etc., are widely used in the pharmaceutical, bio-medical, life sciences, cosmetics, food and beverage, water treatment, lab, printing, biotechnology and other industries.

Second, the advantages of silicone tube and classification

The main advantage of silicone tube following:

1, a high level of hygiene, non-toxic and odorless, the medium of the solution does not produce any odor impact and can be used all life in medicine, health food occasions.

2, the high temperature range, such as platinum cured silicone tubing up to 260 ℃, meet all sanitary medium transport temperature requirements.

3, elasticity, flexibility and durability of excellence, can be used for precision instruments, such as sanitary pumps, dropper and other equipment, long-term use does not kink distortion, no cracking.