Main Products And Applications Of Miscellaneous Pieces Of Silicone

Silicone rubber products series, in fact, is made from silicone rubber or made items. They have high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, aging, and other characteristics, and non-toxic, tasteless, often for a variety of production and processing. Silicone raw materials mainly include nitrile rubber (NBR), styrene butadiene rubber (SBR), chloroprene rubber (CR), natural rubber (NR), ethylene propylene diene rubber (EPDM), butadiene rubber (BR), silicon ( silicon) rubber (SIR) and other raw materials. Silicone miscellaneous items (a) silica categories: silicone tube, silicone sheet, silicone sheet of plastic wrap, thin silica films, silica films infinitely long, shaped, silicone seal, silicone ring boxes, crisper, ring, LED display waterproof ring, silicone stoppers, silicone utensils, insulation pads, silicone mold, silicone coaster, silicone lighters cover, silicone bracelet, silicone wristbands and other types of silicone technology products.