How To Choose Silicone Braided Hose

                                                how to choose silicone braided hose

Silicone braided pipe is a kind of pipe material which resists pressure, negative pressure and rupture. It can choose many kinds of braided wire, such as polyester wire, nylon, heat conducting wire, steel wire, etc. Braided materials have different compressive properties. At present, the main market is fiber yarn, which is mostly used in coffee machine, silica gel braided pipe, air compressor, oxygen machine and other industries. The manufacturing process of the product is similar to the extrusion process of the food grade silica gel tube, only one knitting process is added.

1. Step 1: Extrude the inner tube, which is the same principle as ordinary silica gel extrusion, such as gelling, vacuum pumping, extrusion and sulfur addition. When the internal control is finished, we should pay attention to the fact that there is no dust sticking, because if the dust returns to the product during the forming process, there will be black spots and foreign bodies, so we should choose to store it in the clean workshop or the dust-free workshop as far as possible to avoid too long time.

2. Step 2: Knitting the inner tube is to knit a layer of wire on the surface of the product, which is needed by customers. It can knit fibers, heat conductive wires and so on. In this case, it needs the assistance of the knitting machine. At present, our company has developed a high-density braiding process, on the basis of the original, once again improve product performance. After weaving, the product can be formed initially.

3. Step 3: Extrude the outer pipe. After the knitting of the product is finished, the outer layer of the knitting line needs to be extruded again to wrap it. This is to improve the product's aesthetics and performance. At present, there are also customer requirements that this product is called extruded silica gel tube without extrusion, and the braided thread will be exposed to the environment, which will affect the firmness of the product to a certain extent.