How To Choose Polyimide Tubing

                                                     How to choose polyimide tubing

    Polyimide pipes can be divided into seamless polyimide tubing( also call PI tubing)  and wrap polyimide pipes (or kapton tube) in terms of production technology. Seamless polyimide tubes are extruded, and winding polyimide tubes are wrapped by polyimide film.

For seamless polyimide tube (PI tubing), Bakai can produce the smallest specification of 0.1 mm inner diameter, wall thickness of 0.015 mm. The extrusion process makes the polyimide pipe have better thermal stability and no risk of delamination, but it can not make large size and thick wall thickness. Extrusion production has high precision, low output and high cost.

The wrapped polyimide tube is made of thin film. Minimum specification 2 mm, thickness 0.12 mm. Maximum specification can be made over 100 mm. Low cost, low price.

In terms of application, seamless polyimide tube has the advantages of small size and thin wall. Usually used term Precision medical device catheter insulation protection. The winding polyimide tube has low cost, high output, and commonly used thermal protector protection.