High Quality FEP Cooler Water Tube For Lipuid Cooler System

FEP Tubing for lower coolant evaporation rate, kink resistance and greater water flow. The FEP tubing allows maximum, unrestricted water flow and decreased evaporation rate for greater durability. it can effectively prevent the liquid volatilizezing.

FEP corrugated hose are chemically inert and non-flammable making them suitable for transporting most corrosive materials. FEP corrugated tubing are ideally suited for protecting wiring in severe working conditions. FEP corrugated tubing is transparent to check the liquid.

FEP corrugated tubing has the ability to turn sharp corners without reducing the inside diameter of the tube. It features a maximum continuous operating temperature of up to 200°C.

6*8MM FEP corrugated pipe


1,lowest Air permeability.


2,longest aging.


3,Black and transparent


4,all kinds diameter and wall thicknes

we can produce the size and length as you need