FEP Heat Shrink Tubing For Thermal Protector

Thermal Protector Insulation Sheath

fep heat shrink tubing for thermal protector, FEP tubing has 200 degree C work temperature, FEP tubing no adhesive meet Rohs 2.0 and Reach.

 Compared with traditional mylar spiral wrap tubing, FEP tubing has higher temperature resistance up to 200 degree C, No viscose and No volatilization at high temperature.  

Because FEP pipe is an extrusion process. It does not need winding and bonding and does not contain glue. The extrusion process makes the casing seamless, which is safer than the winding pipe.

FEP heat shrink tubing size:  2mm to 210mm

heat shrink ratio: 1.3:1 or 1.6:1

wall thickness: 0.05-2mm

break voltage:  3000v at 0.1mm thickness

Flammability: UL 94 V0

Resistance: corrosion Acid and Basic Resistance oil&special solvent resistance

Working temperature: -180 degree C to 200 degree C

Melting temperature: 270 degree C