Common Rubber Hose Material And Features Introduced

1, natural rubber is an unsaturated rubber, a vulcanizing agent and ease of reaction, the oxidation with oxygen, ozone, cracking reactions, poor resistance to aging. Chloride with halogen generating bromide reaction, cyclization reaction under the action of an acid or a catalyst.

2, natural rubber has good physical and mechanical properties, with high elasticity.

3, natural rubber, raw rubber at room temperature also has good flexibility, but with the heat will gradually soften, plasticity getting better; when the temperature decreases, it will slowly harden, the temperature dropped to 0 ℃ , the elasticity is greatly reduced. If the temperature drops below -70 ~ -73 ℃, it becomes brittle like glass. Raw rubber softens in the heat, cold hardening phenomenon is reversible, that is a thermoplastic.

4, natural rubber also has high mechanical strength, good resistance to flex fatigue resistance.

5, natural rubber hysteresis loss, high tear strength, low deformation generates heat, cold resistance and excellent abrasion resistance, water resistance and air tightness and thermal insulation and electrical insulation properties are also very good;