How To Choose Cable Spiral Wrap

How to Choose Cable Spiral Wrap


Cable spiral wrap often use for cable protection, to wrap several wire together. But there is  a variety of materials for Cable Spiral Wrap, such as PTFE spiral wrap, silicone spiral wrap, nylon spiral wrap. They can be used for various purposes, if you dont know which suit for you, please check the purpose of each spiral wrap product.


Teflon spiral cut sleeve ( spiral wrap) has the characteristics of high temperature resistance 260 degrees, low temperature resistance - 60 degrees, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It can be used for high temperature protection in various special occasions, such as high temperature occasions and extremely harsh working environment. If you need a high work temperature and corrosion spiral wrap that PTFE spiral wrap is your best choice.


Nylon spiral wrap, most of all is Nylon 12 material, which has excellent oil resistance property, it now commonly used in automobile pipeline protection.


Silicone spiral wrap, the softest material spiral wrap sleeve, has the characteristics of high temperature resistance 200 degrees, low temperature resistance - 60 degrees, and is now most commonly used in the protection of optical fibers and cables.


The most commonly used PE winding pipe is used for various wire winding protection.


Different winding tubes can be selected according to different requirements. Welcome to inquire to Bakai company. We are the professional manufacturer of PTFE/nylon/silicone spiral wrap sleeve.