0.5mm Polyimide Tubing For Plasma Knife

                                        Polyimide tubing for Plasma knife 

      Bakai produce seamless polyimide tubing for medical grade. today we provide 1000m 0.5mm and 0.6mm polyimide tube for plasma kinfe.

     this client need a insulation sleeve which is 0.6mm ID, but need very thin wall thickness. Usually teflon tubing can produce 0.5 and 0.6mm ID product, but at least need 0.1mm wall thickness.

     for seamless polyimide tubing, Bakai can produce 0.03mm thickness, much thin than teflon tubing. also we can make the wall thickness as you need, like 0.06mm, 0.03mm

    for 0.03mm thickness polyimide tubing, its breakdown voltage is up to 2500v -3000v.

     if you need a high work temperature, high break down voltage, tiny insulation tubing. please contact us.

   polyimide tubing