How to choose Fluoropolymer Tubing

How to choose Fluoropolymer Tubing


Which kind of fluoropolymer tubing you should choose? PTFE tubing? FEP tubing? PFA tubing? PVDF tubing? There are a large of Fluoropolymer Tubing, they have different characters. Doesn’t anyone know which one they should use. Now please check as follows;


The color:

FEP tubing and PFA tubing are clear tubing. PTFE tubing is milky white. PVDF tubing is white. So if you need to check the state of liquid in a pipe, you should choose FEP/PFA tubing.


Heat resistance;


The fluorine plastics have the property of fire resistance and excellent heat resistance.

The continuous work temperature of PTFE tubing and PFA tubing are 260, short-term can be used at 300. The continuous work temperature of FEP tubing is 200, PVDF is 150- 175 .


Drug resistance:

fluorine plastic has excellent resistance and solvent resistance, especially PTFE, PFA, FEP, etc.. Acids, bases, and solvents were free of corrosion. However, the molten alkali metal, fluorine and three fluorine chlorinated hydrocarbons have different effects on them. PCTFE, ETFE, PVDF and other fluoride in the plastic resistance is slightly worse,


Oil resistance:


PVDF tubing has very excellent Oil resistance characters. Especially oil, heavy oil is better than FEP tubing.


Bend property:

PFA tubing has the best bend property than FEP and PTFE tubing.


Atmospheric aging resistance:

The fluorine plastics have excellent radiation resistance and low permeability. Long exposure to the atmosphere, surface and properties remain unchanged.

FEP tube has excellent radiation resistance than Teflon tube. So it can be used as radiation resistant material.